Gambrel Roof


Are You Game For A Gambrel Roof?

The role of the type of roof in determining its longevity is often underestimated. A well-thought-out Gambrel roof can last for a very long time as this kind of roof lends itself to surviving different weather conditions. This is perhaps why it is preferred for countryside dwellings that are exposed to various weather extremes. This roof has an interesting history. It became popular during the 17th and 18th century in Europe, especially in Dutch colonial constructions.

However, the Gambrel roof is becoming a popular choice for modern homes. This is mostly due to this type of roof being able to provide more space. If you are aiming for comfortable headroom in the attic, this type of roofing would provide that and more. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this type of roof is its sloping sides. There are two slopes, the upper one of which is characterized by a shadow angled slope, which resembles a gabled roof. The lower slope has a much steeper pitch, which has the added advantage of allowing the space underneath it to be used. A typical roof also comes with a central ridge. Importantly both sides of the roof are symmetrical.

Originally, this design was to accommodate hay in countryside barns. Aside from this, sleet, snow and rain can easily slide off this kind of roof without accumulating and causing damage. Stagnant water on roofs can even cause them to collapse, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Some folks even appreciate the minimalist design that the Gambrel roof seems to evoke. Many experts consider this a perfect marriage between aesthetics and function. Perhaps its versatility is the reason why. The look of this proof can be enhanced further by incorporating dormers which can elevate this elegant roof to stylish proportions.

This roof is also considered very resilient towards wind. Strong winds shear off the slopes so that the structure is mostly unaffected even by gusting conditions. Especially in rural settings, where strong winds can be a reality as they gust through open fields, it is imperative to construct roofs that can withstand high-speed wind in all directions. The simple yet smart design of this type of roof is such that the surface area of exposure is minimized by the shape. But gone are the days when the Gambrel roof was meant only for barns and in rural settings. Even contemporary constructions adopt this style of roofing not just for its usable square footage advantage but also for its ability to handle weather from extreme heat to sheeting snow.

So whether you choose a saltbox box roof, mansard roof or hipped roof, make sure to pay attention to not just looks but also function. A flat roof with no eaves may work in California or Arizona, but would hardly be considered a wise choice in the North. So before you decide on what kind of roof to put over your head, take a moment, you have your family’s safety to consider. So why not choose one that is stylish and functional!